Airmesh Dog Harnesses – Fresh and Breathable for Doggie Comfort

The Doodlebone® Airmesh range of dog harnesses is pretty special. They're made from a clever breathable airmesh fabric complete with tough polyester hemming, all of which means they're a much more comfortable alternative to the traditional collar and lead. This range is more than merely super-durable, too. The lead connector has been double-stitched for maximum strength and safety, which means it's ideal for strong dogs as well as mischievous pooches who think it's fun to run away or hide from you.

You'll love the wide choice of funky and stylish colours. Thanks to the great design every Doodlebone® dog is well-dressed, smart and under proper control whether they're trotting obediently down the high street or jumping in and out of lovely, muddy puddles! This extremely comfy adjustable harness is something your dog will love, making every walk and play session an extra pleasure. We stock a number of different versions. The original Airmesh dog harness, a reflective version, the Snappy, which you don't have to pull over your dog's head, and a range of lovely, soft muzzles made from the same airmesh fabric, ideal for nervous dogs.

Every good dog deserves a stylish, practical harness. Did you know your dog is as smart as a 2 year old human? No wonder tiny children and dogs get on so well. Apparently they both understand around 250 different words and gestures. Dogs also have a strong sense of time, which means they really do miss you when you're away. Your dog will know when it’s time for dinner, and we bet they're equally keen to let you know when it's time for walkies, especially when walks mean wearing this cool harness.

Take a look below and see which Doodlebone® Airmesh harness your dog likes best.


Airmesh Dog Harness

Our original harness

Best Seller

Airmesh Reflective Dog Harness

Added safety for nightime walks

Airmesh Snappy Dog Harness

The not over-the-head harness

Airmesh Dog Muzzle

A great, safe solution for nervous dogs