Dog Harnesses – Safety, Great Looks and a Brilliant Lifetime Guarantee

Does your dog prefer a collar or a harness? Any size of dog can wear a harness, of course, but a harness works especially well for smaller dogs. You get more control, your dog feels confident, you're not putting pressure on their neck, and walkies are suddenly a whole lot more enjoyable. If your dog is excitable, a harness makes pulling and jumping harder, which keeps you both safer. Puppies like harnesses too, since puppy training is often a lot easier with one. Dogs who don't like to feel restricted prefer harnesses to collars.

We have a fantastic range of doggie harnesses in stock, everything from the Toughie, our most rugged harness yet, to the easy-fit Boomerang harness. There's a brilliant choice of bright, funky colours, cool patterns and different styles. They're fully washable and come with our lifetime guarantee.

You want a harness that's easy to put on and take off? No problem. We have a reflective Airmesh harness for safe walkies after dark, our Snappy version that you don't have to put over your dog's head and goes on in record time. We have one with extra padding for the ultimate in doggie comfort, and our Neo-Flex harness gives extra strength and flexibility. If you're thinking about a X-over harness, we've designed ours for the best of both worlds, with plenty of control and support plus a soft, padded harness at the chest.

Welcome to our world - happy shopping!


Airmesh Dog Harness

Our original harness

Best Seller

Airmesh Reflective Dog Harness

Added safety for nightime walks

Airmesh Snappy Dog Harness

The not over-the-head harness

Bold Dog Harness

10 funky colours

X-Over Dog Harness

Control and support

Neo-Flex Dog Harness

Strong and stretchy

Toughie Dog Harness

Our toughest harness yet!

Bold Pattern Harness

Our brand new pattern range