Dog Jackets – A Wonderful Way to Wrap Up Warm or Keep Dry

There's something really nice about wrapping up warm and heading out for a brisk winter walk, or even a cooler summer evening adventure. Our Doodlebone® dog jackets make sure your pet looks and feels as cosy as you do, wrapped up in their favourite jacket. And they come in a range of beautiful colours.

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and they all have different types of fur. Some pooches have more body fat than others, so are better insulated against the cold. Older dogs, like older humans, tend to feel the cold more than youngsters. A Siberian Husky or Malamute isn't likely to feel the cold so might not need a coat for warmth. But you might consider a jacket that can protect them from the wet and help keep them cleaner and drier on walks while a delicate little Chihuahua, Greyhound or French Bulldog is a lot more vulnerable to the chill.

As a rule if your dog is slim with short hair, they'll need a coat more than a chunky dog with long fur. As you can imagine, when your tummy is close to the ground like some dogs, things can soon get chilly down there. Older dogs and puppies, poorly dogs and dogs losing their hair because of a medical condition, dogs with arthritis and those recovering from an injury, they'll all appreciate a snug, warm jacket specially designed for their comfort. If your house isn't that warm, a small or poorly dog might even enjoy wearing their jacket indoors.

How to choose the right size dog jacket? Measure your dog's neck while they're standing up. Measure their girth at the widest point of their chest. Then measure from the collar to the base of the tail. A well-fitted full-cover dog jacket will cover your pet's neck and tummy, not too tight or loose but well-fitted. The jacket should reach to the base of your dog's tail, and the easier they are to put on, the better. The best fit gives dogs freedom of movement at their armpits and neck, and lets them go to the loo in comfort.

There's only one thing left to say – what's your favourite colour?


Fleecy Jacket

Soft lightweight doggie comfort

Tweedy Jacket (Reversible)

Cosy modern country style

Combi-Puffer Jacket (Reversible)

Super warm, reversible padded jacket

Mac-in-a-Pack Jacket

Our handy fold up mac